Blog closing.

January 31, 2010 at 8:20 pm (1)

Dear readers,

This will be the last post on this blog. I had a great time running AC in every way. The designing, the friends I made, the people I met and exposing my creations. This will come to and end…But only under the name ‘AC’! I will continue having a great time under a new label !! Still AC is what it all started with. This was the first blog I ever made, and it might sound highly emotional but I do have great memories attached to it.

Lately I have been working hard to realise a new store and do a total rebrand. You probably already read that in the previous post. That has been a great new thing for me, starting everything from the ground up again, and this time by myself. I learned a lot, especially it’s a tough deal with a fulltime job (next to it ;)). Persé is almost ready to open it’s doors. This will ofcourse be done with new releases and a big party. The party will be simwide together with Mainit from Baustein, Sysy from Sysy’s and Dezi from staged. These are my great friends and neighbours.

I have a pre-opening gift waiting for everyone who subscribes to my new subscribe-o-matic group. To be sure you will all change to my new blog as well, you can find a link to the store by following this link to my new site. Hope to see you there. Take care you all..

Blog closed…


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